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Scholarship Instructions

Helping Students Continue Their Education

As part of our support for education, we administer scholarship funds established by individuals and organizations. Whether it’s medical school, journalism, architecture, ministry, nursing, or engineering, our scholarship donors make pursuing a career more attainable for all our high school and professional school students. 


A large variety of scholarships are available and are based on a field of study, merit, financial need, sports, and community involvement. By completing our Universal Grant Application, our system will automatically match your skills and financial need with the criteria for each scholarship. This eliminates the need to complete multiple scholarship applications. 

Eligibility and Criteria

  • Minimum 2.0 GPA or higher as required by specific scholarships.  

  • Transcripts must be official. Official transcripts can be obtained only from your College Bursar’s Office/High School Guidance Office.  

  • All applicants must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and submit their FAFSA Submission Summary. 

  • Unless otherwise specified, scholarships are for students pursuing a post-secondary undergraduate education enrolled full-time in a degreed program attending an accredited nonprofit university or community college in the continental United States. 

  • Awards are paid directly to post-secondary accredited educational institutions, not to individuals or bookstores. 

  • Students may be asked to attend an interview with the committee as part of the selection process. 

  • Students eligible for renewals will be contacted via email in January. If your scholarship is renewable, you must reapply each year. Renewals are competitive and at the committee’s discretion—they are not automatic and can vary. 

  • Decisions approved by Erie County Community Foundation Board of Directors are rendered in April and are final. 

Application Procedure


February 1: Ohio Athletic Committee & Bob Hower Memorial Scholarships 

March 1: Universal Grant Application 

October 13:  Buckeye Broadband BCSN-Erie Scholarship 

November 10:  Harry DeLapp Scholarship 

Our scholarship applications are available through our online scholarship portal

If you have any questions, contact the Erie County Community Foundation at 419-621-9690 or email Pam Provo for assistance.

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