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For Professional Advisors

You know your clients. We know our region's needs and nonprofits. Collaboratively, we can empower your clients to maximize their philanthropic impact both here in Erie County, Ohio and nationwide.

Erie County Community Foundation provides many value-added services tailored to your needs as a professional advisor working with your clients. As experts in Erie County's philanthropic landscape, we streamline the process of achieving your clients’ philanthropic goals through our diverse array of fund options, maximizing tax advantages while aligning with their values. We are always available to work together with you and your clients to find the most beneficial charitable giving vehicle for them. Whether you are currently working on a gift or estate plan or have clients who want to plan for their financial future, Erie County Community Foundation provides you with the tools and options you need to make your clients’ charitable intents reality.


Because the Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity, your client donors receive the most valuable tax benefits available under law for their charitable contributions—for both income and estate tax purposes.

All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed. Erie County Community Foundation is not restrained by administrative costs and constraints typically associated with private foundations. We pay no excise taxes and have no annual minimum payout requirements. Donors with funds in a community foundation submit no separate tax filings. And we keep administrative costs to a minimum, so more of each dollar helps the organizations or causes your clients care about.


Here’s how Erie County Community Foundation can assist you and your clients:

  • We act as an extension of your team, offering a comprehensive suite of services to address your clients’ diverse needs.

  • Leveraging our deep understanding of Erie County, we help optimize your clients’ local philanthropic endeavors.

  • By collaborating with us, your clients make the exact charitable impact that is right for them, without pressure to support specific organizations or causes.

  • Together, we can help your clients leave a lasting impact, optimizing their investments while fostering a community-focused legacy.

  • Flexibility underscores our approach to estate planning, allowing seamless adjustments to fund agreements as your clients’ charitable goals evolve.

  • Your clients’ aspirations are distinct, and Erie County Community Foundation is uniquely positioned—and enthusiastic—to support their philanthropic endeavors while enriching your professional relationships.

Explore our newly expanded Planned Giving Navigator, designed to facilitate conversations with your clients and make it easy for donors to explore such planned giving opportunities.

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