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Funds Listing



American Red Cross Fund

Jeanne S. Barnes Fund for Humane Society of Erie County
Boys & Girls Club of Erie County Fund                                  

Boy Scouts Fund                                                                    

Cancer Services of Erie County Fund                                     

Care & Share Fund                                                                 

Community Youth Mentoring Fund

Edison Birthplace Museum Fund           

Edison Education Fund                          

Edison Memorial United Methodist Church Fund

Erie County Historical Society Fund       

Erie MetroParks Fund            

Carl & Helen Evans Music Fund for First Presbyterian Church (Huron)

Anita Gundlach Feick Family Fund for First Presbyterian Church (Sandusky)

First Presbyterian Church (Huron) Behnken Fund

First Presbyterian Church (Huron) Gillette Fund

First Presbyterian Church (Huron) Holzapfel Fund

Firelands Audubon Society Fund                                           

Firelands Habitat for Humanity Fund

Firelands Montessori Academy Fund

Firelands Positive People Fund

Firelands Regional Medical Center Compassion Fund          

Firelands Symphony Orchestra Fund

Firelands Symphony Orchestra School of Music Fund

Friends of Old Woman Creek Association Fund    

Goodwill Industries Fund

Grace Episcopal Church Fund

Harlequins Community Theater Fund

Humane Society of Erie County Fund    

Huron Athletic Boosters Fund                                                

Huron City Schools TIGER Fund

Huron Education Foundation Fund       

KinShip Fund          

Eugene & Marilyn Koby Sandusky Central Catholic Fund                                                     

Leadership Erie County Fund 

Dee Leibersberger Presidents Fund

Main Street Vermilion Endowment Fund

Margaretta Education Fund  

James H. McBride Arboretum Fund      

Merry Go Round Museum Fund

Connie & Kurt Muehlhauser Fund for Christ Episcopal Church

Milan Historical Museum Fund

OHgo Fund

OSU Ohio Sea Grant & Stone Lab Fund 

Oxford Township Fund

Perkins Education Fund

Perkins Scholarship Fund

Pheiffer Family Fund for St. Stephen United Church of Christ

Ritter Public Library Foundation Fund

Mona Rutger Wildlife Fund

Safe Harbour Domestic Violence Shelter Fund

Sandusky Bay Kiwanis Community Services Fund

Sandusky Blue Streak Teacher Grant Fund

Sandusky Central Catholic Education Fund

Sandusky City Schools Fund

Sandusky Education Foundation Fund

Sandusky Cultural Center Fund

Sandusky Education Fund

Sandusky Horticulture Fund

Sandusky Library & Follett House Museum Foundation Fund

Sandusky Maritime Museum Fund

Sandusky Rotary Club Charitable Fund

Sandusky State Theatre Fund

Schlessman Family Legacy Fund

Second Harvest Food Bank Fund

Serving our Seniors Fund for the Future

Stein Hospice Fund

St. Mary School Education Fund (Vermilion)

St. Peter School Education Fund (Huron)              

James & Arlene Stockham Fund for Firelands Symphony Orchestra

United Way of Erie County Fund           

Vermilion Education Fund

Vermilion History Museum Fund

Volunteers of America Fund

Don and Maurine Warner Fund for Stein Hospice

Thomas Williams Fund for Erie MetroParks

Zion Lutheran Church of Huron/General Operations Fund

Zion Lutheran Church of Huron/Office-Equipment Fund

Zion Lutheran Church of Huron/Music & Worship Fund



Carmen M. Appleby Memorial Scholarship

Samuel R. & Anna M. Barone Scholarship

Shawn Brennan Memorial Scholarship

Buckeye Broadband Student of the Year Fund

Cedar Fair Scholarship

Carver Family Scholarship

College Women's Club of Sandusky Scholarship

John & Clara Corogin Scholarship

Harry DeLapp Scholarship

Eastern Star, Madeleine Chapter 204 Scholarship

Edward L. Feick Vocational Scholarship

Mary L. Fenker Scholarship

Floyd Family Scholarship

Donal F. & Marcia L. Goff Scholarship

Daniel E. & Marjorie A. Hartung Scholarship

Dave Hermes Memorial Scholarship

Bob Hower Memorial Scholarship

Thomas & Dorothy Jackson Dare to Dream Scholarship

Jewett Architectural Scholarship

Dr. Craig T. Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Douglas E. Kidwell Memorial Athletic Scholarship

Dr. & Mrs. Kyung H. Kim Memorial Scholarship

King & White Families Ensuring Excellence Scholarship

Paul, Jeanne, & Sally Maschari Family Scholarship

Ewalt & Jocelyn Maurushat Engineering Scholarship

Ewalt & Jocelyn Maurushat General Scholarship

Mildred P. McCrystal Memorial Scholarship

Peter P. & Lorraine A. Mellio Scholarship

Camile Myers Scholarship

Ohio Athletic Committee Scholarship

Ruth F. Parker Scholarship

PEO, Chapter BE Scholarship

Helen B. & Elam P. Sabroske Educational Fund

Sand Hill Community Church Scholarship

Sandusky Bay Kiwanis Community Services Scholarship

Sandusky-Firelands Alzheimer’s Scholarship

Sandusky High School Alumni Association Scholarship

Saunders & Foss Memorial Scholarship

Alan R. Schlessman Scholarship

Herbert C. & Margaret M. Schriner Memorial Scholarship

Clarence W. Seavers Citizenship Scholarship

Ralph B. & Helen C. Seitz Memorial Scholarship

Constance L. Smith Education Scholarship

Speers Family Scholarship     

Edward Paul Toll Scholarship                

Kenneth R. & Rhonda Hill-Watt Scholarship

David & Bertha D. Wiggins Scholarship



Anstandig Charitable Fund

Barman Charville Fund

Laurence A. & Karen E. Bettcher Foundation Fund

Joseph T. “Jep” Bloor Memorial Fund

Nancy & Kenneth Bliss Fund

Raymond & Lois Brickley Memorial Fund

Collingwood Family Fund

Deering Family Fund in Memory of Kara A. Deering

Randolph J. & Estelle M. Dorn Foundation Special Fund

Jennifer T. Findley Fund

Larry & Jamie Fletcher Community Service Fund

David & Sandra Foster Fund

George & Mary Foster Family Fund

Richard E. Gunder Fund

Marie Hildebrandt Horticulture Fund

Hunsicker Family Fund

Jewett Family Foundation Fund

Kasper Auto Group Fund

Daniel R. & Laura C. Keller Family Fund

Dr. Kyung H. Kim Family Legacy Fund

Richard L. & Judith A. Kinzel Fund

Kiwanis Club Erie County Imagination Library Fund

Anita E. Klepper Fund

Louis & Ida Koch Legacy Fund

JoAnn Sandra Weiland Lang Memorial Fund

Donald & Michael Lenhart Fund

Kris P. & Johnnie F. Leonhardt Charitable Fund

Carl & Ann McGookey Family Fund

James O. & Martha M. Miller Fund

Moffitt Family Legacy Fund

Jim & Shirley Murray Fund

North Coast Young Professionals Fund

Pay It Forward Fund in memory of Melvyn J. Stauffer

Payne, Nickles & Company Fund

Chuck & Carolyn Rainger Fund

David L. & Paula J. Rengel Legacy Fund

John E. Rosino Memorial Fund

Michael Sandersen Memorial Fund

Mark Freeland Smith Family Fund

David E. & Linda S. Speer Family Fund

Jack B. & Lelia Springer Fund

Melvyn J. & Mary P. Stauffer Fund

George E. & Jamie R. Steinemann Fund

    in memory of Ruth F. Parker & George L. Mylander

Vermilion Circle of Giving Fund

Voltz-Cumston Family Fund

Wagner Family Charitable Fund

Ken & Rhonda Watt Fund

Sparky R. & Catherine A. Weilnau Family Fund

Wensink Family Fund

Wightman-Wieber Charitable Foundation Donor Advised Fund




Access to Recreation Fund - For ADA improvements to parks and recreation facilities

Buckeye Broadband Fund - For medical equipment for the needy

Children’s Health Fund - For education and medical services for children

Joseph P. & Jeanette R. Henry Fund - For the benefit of residents of the Village of Milan and/or Milan Township

Huron Playhouse Fund for the Arts - For programs focused on fine and visual arts, with preference given to theatrical programs

Lake Erie Environmental Education Fund - For environmental education in Erie County

Volunteer Center of Erie County Fund - For annual Mary Ann Lavender Award for recognition of high-level

service, leadership, and volunteerism by an organization



(Unrestricted funds that support Community Grants)

Asher Family Fund 

Phyllis M. Asher Fund            

Barnes Family Fund

Harold & Priscilla Behnken Fund

Robert Bellamy Family Fund

Bettcher Industries Fund

Jane Catherine Bettcher Memorial Fund

Cedar Point Fund

Civista Bank Fund

Joan R. Coulter Fund

Randolph J. & Estelle M. Dorn Foundation Fund

William & Kay Duff Fund

FirstEnergy Fund

Albert J. & Marylin Fresch Fund

Fresch Electric Company Fund

Sidney Frohman Foundation Fund

Don & Marcia Goff Family Fund

Charles W. Gundlach Family Fund

Roberta A. Hankamer Fund

William N. & Helen M. Hansen Memorial Fund

Elizabeth J. Helm Memorial Fund

J. Robert Hoffman Fund

Young & Jae Hong Family Fund

Anne & Robert Johnstone Family Fund

Kasper Family Fund

KeyBank Foundation Fund

Anita E. Klepper Memorial Fund

Dr. Robert Kromer Memorial Fund

Larry & Carole Kuns Family Fund

Arthur E. & Corrine N. Lange Fund

Frank & Jan Leake Fund

Lear Charitable Giving Fund

Betty L. Miller Fund

George Jr. & Kathryn Muehlhauser Memorial Fund

Marilyn L. Muth Fund

George L. Mylander Fund

Orioles Club of Sandusky Fund

PNC Bank Fund

Ruth F. Parker Memorial Fund

William J. & Ruth F. Parker Fund

Charles & Margaret Pickett Fund

John R. & Miriam Py Fund

Rainger Family Fund

John & Hyacinth B. Rheinegger Memorial Fund

Ritter-Meckstroth Fund

Helen F. Roberts Fund                                                           

Sandusky International Foundation Fund

William & Dorothy Marye Seiler Fund

Patrecia Sizemore Memorial Fund

Lelia B. Springer Fund

Sam S. & Rose Stein Fund

Virginia Fuller Steinemann Memorial Fund

Sam & Janet Stipp Fund

Eleanor L. Till Fund

Don & Maurine Warner Fund

Raymond N. & Mary Watts Fund

Dorothy H. Weis Fund

Leland J. & Geraldine M. Welty Fund

Wightman-Wieber Charitable Foundation Fund

Louis F. & Jane A. Zigmond Fund

Patricia Zimmerman Fund

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