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22 Years, 22 Grants, in 22 Days

The Grant Task Force had a big, generous idea to celebrate the 22 years since the Foundation’s founding:  22 grants over the 22 days prior to Thanksgiving.  One anonymous donor embraced the idea and provided all of the funding.

We ran with the idea, literally, traveling throughout Erie County over 22 days, personally presenting 22 grants of $1,000 each for use without restrictions.  The lucky 22 were randomly selected from a pool of organizations across Erie County that had been awarded grants from the Foundation during the prior three years.

It’s hard to quantify the impact these unplanned gifts had on so many worthwhile organizations that continuously work to stretch their existing budgets over the demands of their mission.  Hopefully, these 22 celebratory grants made a difference in the lives of these hard-working agencies.

The 22 organizations are:

1.   Bellevue Society for the Arts

2.   Boys and Girls Club of Erie County

3.   College Women’s Club

4.   Edison Birthplace Museum

5.   Firelands Regional Medical Center

6.   Firelands Symphony Orchestra

7.   Kiwanis Club of Sandusky

8.   Edison Middle School

9.   Erie Metro Live Steamers

10. Goodwill Industries

11. Milan Historical Museum

12. Merry-Go-Round Museum

13. Perkins Schools

14. Sidney Frohman Planetarium

15. Sandusky Concert Association

16. Sandusky Greenhouse

17. Sandusky Rotary Club

18. Sandusky State Theatre

19. Stein Hospice

20. VeggieU

21. Youth Advisory Council of the Erie County Community Foundation

22. YMCA of Sandusky

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