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Mylander Foundation Grants

As a service to our non-profit organizations, the Erie County Community Foundation is pleased to host grant application materials on this website for The Mylander Foundation.  For questions regarding The Mylander Foundation grants program, please refer to the contact information on its grant application materials


TO:                  All Applicants


FROM:            Eric M. Muehlhauser

                        Chairman, Distribution Committee

                        165 East Washington Row

                        Sandusky, Ohio 44870


This Memorandum is part of the Application Form for a Grant from The Mylander Foundation. 


To be considered for a grant from The Mylander Foundation, your organization must be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization or be a governmental unit.  To protect the tax-exempt status of The Mylander Foundation, a copy of the 501(c)(3) letter your organization received from the IRS must accompany your completed Application (even though you may have applied previously and supplied us with a copy of your IRS letter at that time).


Please follow these instructions:


1.         Submit your typed (or printed) Application to me no later than April 16 or October 1 of any given year and

           be sure it is signed by an authorized officer of your organization;


2.         Write a brief letter to the Committee explaining your proposed project, telling us the amount of money requested and

            specifically what the money will be used for;


3.         Supply us with a photo copy of your organization's letter from the IRS confirming that the Service has recognized your

            organization as being a 501(c)(3) organization;


4.         Submit a copy of your most recent financial statement or a copy of your most recent IRS Form 990;


5.         Submit with your completed Application any backup material you feel would be beneficial when the Committee considers

            your Application but please be as brief and succinct as possible; and,


6.         Submit one original and nine (9) copies of your Application, letter of request, governing board members and

            mission statement.


While the Distribution Committee carefully considers every Application received, historically, special consideration has been given to: (1) the number of people who would benefit if a grant were awarded to a particular organization; (2) whether a grant from The Mylander Foundation would completely fund the intended project or "make a difference" in helping that organization attain its goal; and (3) funds available to the organization from other sources. 


Grants will be awarded in May and November.  It is important to understand that The Mylander Foundation awards grants and makes distributions two times each year.  If your organization's need for funds does not coincide with our time frame, we respectfully suggest it might be advisable to consider other sources.


Call my office at (419) 625-8324 if you have any questions.


Applications and Instructions

Click here to download Grant Application and Instructions in Adobe PDF Format

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